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Years ago I already decided to make some information available on the internet. First it was to be able to get in closer contact with my family and to keep them informed about my wellbeing, later it also became a tool for my work, my colleagues and all people being confronted with the same type of situations and problems.

In 1999 I inventorised the in the Netherlands active asylum lawyers, as there seemed to be no list available, or at least no up-to-date version of it, and therefor no effective way to get in touch with them. This list is still on this website and is still periodically maintained.

Shortly after that, also because of a lot of changes in the Dutch Immigration Act and moreover the Gouvernmental Policy on Immigration, I executed a few little researches myself to offer some counterweight against the ever growing list of restricting regulations. The impression that up there (Top of the IND and even our Parliament) to little was known about what was happening on the working floor, was strengthened by the fact that some of these investigations, in the shape of little enquêtes under all 400 Asylum Lawyers, showed a complete other reality than was put as preassumed in that Gouvernmental Policy.

With making available all gathered information a new form of connection between all people concerned got shape, which had a positive effect on the mutual cooperation of those people involved. Ofcourse there are websites like "www.vluchtweb.nl" and "www.migratieweb.nl" that provide much more relevant information on the professional level and the Immigrationlaw in general, but certain more specific aspects tend to see less light on those websites as is now done in this website, and moreover, those websites are not open for public.

In the meantime life continues and I have more and more specialised myself in China and everything that concerns China in legal and paralegal aspect. As a result I have done several researches and small investigations, leading to several counterreports, also because of the distorted picture of China that started to see the light because of the so-called "Algemene Ambtsberichten", periodical messages of the Dutch Ministery of Foreign Affairs, and the frequently incomplete and sometimes even completely incorrect results in the individual reports of the Dutch Ministery of Foreign Affairs. Some of those results are on this website more concretely documented. In the meantime I can, with my collegues in China, investigate almost everything and anywhere in China, and give a profounded clear explanation of the obtained results.

In 2005 it seemed that my ambition did not get enough opportunities and space with the lawfirm I was happely working for. On September 1st, 2005 I opened my Office "Collet International Lawyers & Associates" in Rotterdam (www.colletinternational.com). This event has given a total new direction to my life and everything around it.

This renewed website should give a better picture of all this.

Michel Collet