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If you have never been to China, it will be very difficult to get a clear picture of this country, the culture and the people. With this website I will try to give my vision on this issue, but I do want to point out, it is only one of the many visions and it is of a great importance to know from which perspective, which refence, China is being looked upon. China has as many faces as it has people.

For doing business with China and Chinese it is wise to first obtain more knowledge about their culture and habits. It is not enough to know that they like to eat first before doing business, it is not enough to be able to speak the Chinese language. Ofcourse it is of some help, but the art is to understand the Chinese, to feel what they want, even before even one word has been told. Thousands years of Confucius, thousands years of living in a centralised regime, thousands years of giving face and getting face. For the average Non-Chinese, confronted with centuries of religious wars, survival of the fittest, rules above habits and the people itself, is going around with Chinese like learning to ride a bike without being allowed to open your eyes.

From a business point of view, I am ofcourse quite willing to bring my years of experience and my knowledge of this country to their service.

To serve the asylumlawyers in the Netherlands, who at the end do this work based on so-called "toevoegingen" (providing small amounts of payment) and do not have the means to do this kind of research themselves, I whish to share my knowledge with them so they can use it to their advantage in the struggle to assist all the immigrants that come from China. If at any time some more individual investigation in China is needed, they can use my services. An applicationform for starting up such an investigation can be found on this website.